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About Central Texas

The Central Texas Region stretches from Hillsboro down to San Antonio. You can go on a swim in one of its beautiful lakes, take a hike through one of its vast trails, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the open Texas skies. Central Texas is known for many things, but one of its most distinctive sights is its cowboys and cowgirls. It can be hard to spot them in the big cities, but you can still see them riding on their horses next to the highway with their classic hats and boots. Another thing that separates Central Texas apart from the rest of the state is the Hill Country region. This region is known by its rolling hills and picturesque landscapes.

One of the most symbolic features about Texas is the "Lone Star". Texas is commonly known as the Lone Star State setting it apart from the other forty-nine states. Texas is the only state that was once an independent republic giving its nickname, The Lone Star State. The white star on the Texas flag does not just remind us of its independence but also of its unification of bravery, purity and loyalty.

The phrase, "Everything is bigger and better in Texas" is normally used as a sense of pride in regards to the largeness of the size of Texas, the portions of food and many other commodities the state of Texas offers. This phrase could also be said about the spiritual need in Texas, significantly in the Central region. The need for independent baptist churches is great. The Lord is working in a mighty way by bringing thousands if not millions of people to the Central Texas region by way of large corporations, college students, military men and women, and many other folks who need the gospel. This task of reaching millions, telling them of the love of Jesus Christ, planting local churches, and teaching them through God's Word is our mission. Will you join us to reach these millions of souls?

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