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Raymond Bell

The Full Story

 God has called us to reach North Killeen with the Gospel of Christ. Killeen is located in the central portion of the state. As the home of Fort Cavazos, (formerly Fort Hood), the U.S. military has a strong influence. The city of Killeen has over 162,000 in population and is the 19th largest city in Texas. Despite this, North Killeen has no Independent Baptist Church preaching the Gospel. As a U.S. Veteran, and seasoned church planter, the Lord has placed on the heart of my family and I the burden of planting an Independent Baptist Church in North Killeen. During my service in the Army, I was stationed at Fort Hood. Despite years of ministry all over this country, God has never allowed me to forget about the need in North Killeen and among our military. We are sent out of our reproducing Church, NorthSide Baptist Church in Nolanville, Texas, under the leadership of Pastor Adam Garber. They will be coming alongside of us and helping us as we seek to see this Church planted. They have been running a bus ministry into North Killeen for many years, and the only thing that is better than a bus ministry is a local church.

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